WebSocket: Lightweight Client-Server Communications 封面

WebSocket: Lightweight Client-Server Communications

作 者:
Andrew Lombardi
日 期:


Until recently, creating desktop-like applications in the browser meant using inefficient Ajax or Comet technologies to communicate with the server. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how to use WebSocket, a protocol that enables the client and server to communicate with each other on a single connection simultaneously. No more asynchronous communication or long polling!

For developers with a good grasp of JavaScript (and perhaps Node.js), author Andrew Lombardi provides useful hands-on examples throughout the book to help you get up to speed with the WebSocket API. You’ll also learn how to use WebSocket with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Learn how to use WebSocket API events, messages, attributes, and methods within your client application
Build bi-directional chat applications on the client and server with WebSocket as the communication layer
Create a subprotocol over WebSocket for STOMP 1.0, the Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol
Use options for older browsers that don’t natively support WebSocket
Protect your WebSocket application against various attack vectors with TLS and other tools
Debug applications by learning aspects of the WebSocket lifecycle




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