CORS in Action 封面

CORS in Action

Creating and consuming cross-origin APIs

作 者:
Monsur Hossain
日 期:


Suppose you need to share some JSON data with another application or service. If everything is hosted on one domain, it's a snap. But if the data is on another domain, the browser's “same-origin” policy stops you cold. CORS is a new web standard that enables safe cross-domain access without complex server-side code. Mastering CORS makes it possible for web and mobile applications to share data simply and securely.

CORS in Action introduces CORS from both the server and the client perspective. It starts with making and enabling CORS requests and then explores performance, debugging, and security. You'll learn to build apps that can take advantage of APIs hosted anywhere and how to write APIs that expand your products to a wider range of users.

For web developers comfortable with JavaScript. No experience with CORS is assumed.




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