Big Data Made Easy 封面

Big Data Made Easy

A Working Guide to the Complete Hadoop Toolset

作 者:
Michael Frampton
日 期:


Many corporations are finding that the size of their data sets are outgrowing the capability of their systems to store and process them. The data is becoming too big to manage and use with traditional tools. The solution: implementing a big data system.

The problem is that the Internet offers IT pros wading into big data many versions of the truth and some outright falsehoods born of ignorance. What is needed is a book just like this one: a wide-ranging but easily understood set of instructions to explain where to get Hadoop tools, what they can do, how to install them, how to configure them, how to integrate them, and how to use them successfully. And you need an expert who has worked in this area for a decade – someone just like author and big data expert Mike Frampton.




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